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Types of Rotameter

We are Rotameter Manufacturer & Supplier, A rotameters, also known as a variable-area flow meter, measures fluid flow based on the position of a float in a tapered tube. It’s commonly used for gas and liquid flow measurement. A types of rotameter is used to measure the flow rate of a fluid in a closed tube. It consists of a vertical, tapered tube with a float inside that can move up and down. The float is designed to move up in the tube as the flow rate increases and down as the flow rate decreases. The float’s position within the tube is directly proportional to the flow rate of the fluid. Rotameters are commonly used in industrial and laboratory settings to measure the flow rate of liquids and gases. They are relatively simple and inexpensive compared to other types of flow meters and are often used in applications where high accuracy is not required.

Rotameters are available in various materials, such as glass, acrylic, or metal, depending on the fluid being measured and the environment in which the meter will be used. They typically have a scale or calibrated markings on the tube to indicate the flow rate, which can be read visually. However, rotameters can be affected by changes in fluid viscosity, temperature, and pressure, which can result in measurement inaccuracies. Therefore, they are not suitable for use in applications that require high accuracy or precise control of flow rate.

Glass Tube Rotameter

Metal Tube Rotameter

Purge Rotameter

Glass Tube Rotameter With One Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Throughout Flow Range

Metal Tube Rotameter With 4-20 mAmp Transmitter & Totalizer

Purge Rotameter With Rear Connection And With One Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Throughout Flow Range

By-Pass Glass Tube Rotameter

Metal Tube Rotameter With Flow Alarm Switch Adjustable Throughout Flow Range

Purge Rotameter With DP Regulator And Isolation Valve

Horizontal Metal Tube Rotameter

By-Pass Metal Tube Rotameter

Acrylic Body Rotameter with & without Isolation Valve