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Wafer Type Vortex Flowmeter

Vortex Flowmeter
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Vortex Flowmeter (SDVFM Series)

Product Code: SDVFM-F-TPC

SDVFM vortex flowmeter using digital signal processing techniques (DSP), design of 14 level digital bandpass filter, thought the rapid Fu liye software algorith, improves the vortex signal detection sensivity, strengthen the vortex vibration resistance performance, breaks through the traditional simulation method for the vortex signal processing limitation. The SDVFM converter hardware used in the variable gain amplifier: to adapt to various caliber vortex sensor signal strength, the variable width of multilevel filter, the vortex signal effect pretreatment. Finally, the software uses the SDP technology, to achieve 14 band adaptive band-pass filter algorithm. This type of vortex converter using potentionmeter design, All debugging using keys set, therefore, is convenient for field debugging work, also improve the reliablity of the instruments.

An advance version of SDVFM Series Vortex Flow Meter have temperature & pressure compensation feature
(Product Code : SDVFM-F-TPC). Sensor which sense Fluid varying temperature & pressure & process these values & display the flow within accuracy limit therefor, change in temperature & pressure of fluid does not affect the performance of Vortex Flow Meter.


Fluid:Liquid, Gas, Steam, Saturated Steam, Super Heated Steam
Available Material:ASTM A 105 / SS304 / SS304L / SS316 / SS316L
Power Supply:24 VDC
Relay Out Put:Low & High Flow Alarm
Flow rate Display:5 Digit LCD
Totalizer Display:8 Digit LCD
Flow Unit:M3/H, M3/M, L/H, L/M, USG/ M, Kg/H, Kg/M, t/H, t/M, NM3/H
Line Size:15 NB to 300 NB
Connection:Flange / Waffer / Triclover
Out Put:  4- 20 mA+HART
Communication Port:RS485 (Modbus)
Temperature Display:4 Digit LCD
Pressure Display:5 Digit LCD
Accuracy:± 1% of FSD
Types of Vortex Flowmeter

Vortex Flowmeter with Temperature & Pressure Compensation

Vortex Flowmeter with Temperature Pressure Compensation

Product Code: SDVFM-F-TPC

Flanged Type Vortex

Flanged Type Vortex Flowmeter

Product Code: SDVFM-F

Wafer Type Vortex

Wafer Type Vortex Flowmeter

Product Code: SDVF

Vortex Flowmeter with Remote Indication

Vortex Flowmeter with Temperature Pressure Compensation & Remote Indication

Product Code: SDVFM-F-TPC-RM