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Turbine Flowmeter With Cooling Jacket

Turbine Flowmeter
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Turbine Flowmeter (TFM Series)

Product Code: TFM-FR-TZ-TX-P

Scientific Devices Turbine Flow Meters are useful for liquids & gases in general industrial application. They provide excellent performance with quality & reliability. Suitable for as hygienic application. The flowing media engages a vaned rotor causing it to rotate at an angular velocity proportional to flow rate. The pick -of coil senses the spinning motion of the rotor inside the pipe & converts it into a pulsating electrical signal. Summation of the pulsating electrical signal is directly related to the total flow. The frequency is linearly proportional to flow rate which is converted to mA signal by electronic circuitry. Flow rate Indicator / Totalizer / Transmitter and Controllers are available in Local/Remote and Panel Mounted Options.

Design & Calibration Conforms to ISA-RP31.1


Fluid:Clear Liquids & GasesFlow Units:M3/H,M3/M,M3/SL/H,L/M,L/S,USG/H,USG/M,USG/S
Viscosity:Up to 20 cpDesign Temperature:Up to 110C
Design Pressure:Up to 25 Kg/cm2Power Supply:220 VAC/24VDC
Line Size:15 NB to 200 NBOutput:4-20 mA & pulse
Available Materials:SS304 /SS304L/SS316/SS316LRelay Output:Batcher
Connection:Flanged to ASA/BS/DIN/ Triclover Standard Screwed to BSP/NPT(M/F)Accuracy:+-1% of FSD & +- 0.5% on request
Flow rate Display:8 Digit LCDCommunication port:RS485(Modbus) (Option)
Totalizer Display:10 Digit LCDLowest velocity:0.1 m/s
*Protection:IP66 / Ex-Proof; Optional: IP 68
Available Options

With Field Mounted Flow
Rate Indicator, Totalizer,
4-20 mA output

Product Code: 

With cooling jacket field
mounted Flow Rate
Indicator, Totalizer,
4-20 mA Output

Product Code: 

With field mounted Flow
Rate Indicator, Totalizer,
4-20 mA Output

Product Code: 

Battery Operated Turbine
Flowmeter with Flow rate
Indicator & Totalizer 

Battery Operated Turbine Flowmeter with Flowrate Indicator Totalizer

Product Code: 

Panel Mounted Flow Rate
& 4-20 mA
Re-transmission output 

Turbine flowmeter with Field & Panel Mounted Flow Rate Indicator Totalizer

Product Code: 

Data Communication of
Turbine Flowmeter to
centralized computers via

Product Code: